Interview with Leigh Drew – Author of Greenlicious – 101 Ways to Love Your Greens


So a month ago I was invited to celebrate Leigh Drew’s new cookbook, Greenlicious, 101 Ways to Love Your Greens. It was awesome! I was able to eat ALL of the food, it’s crazy.

You see, I get invited to launches and food events a fair bit, but 8 out 10 times it is usually a non-vegan event. I’d often get a special meal and most times people are very accommodating of my dietary needs but there’s nothing like the freedom of being able to eat everything on the table. Anyway, I shared some photos from that event in my weekly recap video – you can check it out here.

Now back to this cookbook. Greenlicious shows all the different ways you can eat more greens and show just how versatile and delicious veggies can be. It was so awesome to meet Leigh in person, she is so warm and friendly and passionate about her food. The book is also co-authored by Amanda Benham, an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist, which is really good, especially if you have a lot of questions surrounding plant-based nutrition.

Anyway, I bought the book, got it signed, and I felt healthier already. I braved myself and asked Leigh and her publisher (Arbon Publishing) if I could interview her. She said YES! I went WOOT. Here’s how it went down.

PS: Make sure you read all the way to the bottom of the page for an exciting announcement.

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Weekly Recap and How To Drink More Water

Hello peeps,

My weekly (more like 2 weekly now) recap video is up and this week I’m giving you my number one tip on how you can drink more water this summer.

Here’s some more info about some of the stuff I talked about in the video.

1. Breakfast with Bill Granger

I’m big fan of breakfast and I’m big fan of Bill too so it was just plain awesome to be invited to the Rise & Dine exclusive breakfast event at the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney to celebrate the importance of taking time out for breakfast. Oh yeah! People always do dinner events, why is that? Maybe we need to do more breakfast event…

Breakfast with bill

2. Mindful Dinner Series, Mind Food – Collaborative Consumption

A pretty cool event with some great speaker and of course, great food (all vegan too!).

I didn’t know anything about this ‘sharing economy’ until a few weeks ago. You can read all about it in my previous post here.

Vstar mindful series collage1

 3. Perth Trip

Yes I was in Perth last week for 4 days and I had a great time. I did a half day 3 day juice cleanse.  It was pretty awesome having 3 days worth of juice delivered to the hotel. Probably had the healthiest bar fridge in the entire hotel. I stayed at Duxton Hotel. Pretty cool. Convenient location. Clean. No bed bugs (very important) = happy me.

3 day juice cleanse collage

I went for a job one morning along King’s Park. It was very scenic. I also had my first Uber experience while I was there. If you don’t know what Uber is; it’s an app for taxi/ride sharing service. Very very cool! You can check out their website here.

Perth collage


How To Drink More Water

Now this is a big one especially now that we’re approaching the hot summer time!

Since I tend to forget to drink water, this is my way of making myself to want to drink. And that is by adding flavour to water; infusing it with fresh herb, fruit and vegetable.

To start you can go as simple as my 2 ingredient Vitamin Infused water recipe which you can make at home now.

Then if you want to go fancy, you certainly can! Add some berries and lemon. Boom!


I highly recommend using sparkling water as it just makes it that much more refreshing. I make my own soda water using my Soda Stream (check out the unboxing and product review post here) – it’s more cost effective and it’s a good way to make sure that there’s only water (and CO2) in my sparkling water. Free from nasties and artificial flavourings. You’d be surprised what they add to sparkling water. Check the label next time you get a bottle.

I know how some of you might want to make your own soda water and own your very own soda drink maker so like I said in the video I will try to make it happen for you guys.

And…. *drumroll*

GIVEAWAY is confirmed! I will have not one, but two of latest model of Soda Stream (Soda Stream Play) to give away. It is valued at $99 so it’s  so make sure your on my VIP List so you don’t miss out on this giveaway!

Lifestyle Play White

Now, a very important question. Do you like watching video more or do you like reading posts more or are you indifferent? Let me know so I can write/shoot more stuff that you like! 

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