Mindful Dinner Series, Mind Food – Collaborative Consumption

Up to a few weeks ago I was unaware of this term what Collaborative Consumption actually means.

Collaborative consumption is a new economic model that has been named by TIME as one of the “10 Ideas That Will Change the World”. Collaborative consumption is all about utilising what is already existing, shifting from this notion of ownership to access. The advancement of technologies has enable us to do more with less by sharing, swapping, and lending products from local to global scale.

It was a pretty cool and an informative event. We had guest speakers from AirbnbOoobyCar Next Door to Open Shed, talking about how collaborative consumption is transforming the way we live and consume product, saving us money and reducing waste to the environment.

Did you know that the average power drill is used for somewhere between six and twenty minutes in its entire lifetime? Why buy when you can borrow?

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Gazzi, World Square

2014-11-08 17.59.09

From the not so dairy-free popcorn to vegan-friendly salad, here’s my review of this brand spanking new eatery in World Square.

Two weekends ago I went and had dinner at Gazzi, a cute little Mediterranean bar-slash-restaurant in World Square, just next to Guzman y Gomez. It’s tucked in a little alleyway, connecting World Square to Liverpool St, which I didn’t know existed until that night. Good thing there was a sign that helped us find it. It has a nice little outdoor area in the laneway with a simple yet polished look, and the interior has a clean and cosy atmosphere with vines on the walls.


I wasn’t sure how vegan friendly the restaurant is, but as it turns out there were some good salad options on the menu. I ordered two salads and marinated olives and Buzz ordered the wagyu beef burger with chips, as expected. He generally eats vegan with me but he has got a soft spot for beef burgers. We’re working on that. :)

Everything was looking new and shiny and there’s a good reason: the restaurant had opened just four days before. I love visiting new restaurants. It’s just like getting a ride in a brand-new and fresh-smelling car. We ordered a glass of red each (good wine selection too by the way) and made a toast to the weekend.

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Latest recipes

vegan brain feature1

A Kinder Halloween – Roasted Vegan Brain

Halloween. The second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas. What should I say, some people are for it, others are against it. As for me, my last Halloween dress up party was years ago so no spooky costume for me this year. I’m not really into gory stuff so the whole spooky halloween theme doesn’t…

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Fennel Strawberry salad-001

Fennel Orange Strawberry Salad (vegan and gluten-free)

Wow! Where did the time go? I left the country for three and a half weeks and I came back to this Awesome. Weather. Spring has sprung! One of the things I love about spring is the diverse range of fruits and vegetables available in this season: the berries, the citrus fruits, peas, cauliflowers, broccoli,…

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