Review of Billy Boil Thermal Cooker and $15 Discount Code Giveaway

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My first hand review of the Billy Boil Thermal Cooker: This video was fun to shoot because I had no idea what the outcome would be.

Thermal cooking was originally conceived for camping and caravan travellers but it was quickly adapted for everyday home cooking as an energy efficient cooking method. It certainly is quite effective and it’s definitely a must-try if you do a lot of cooking and you’re looking at cutting your electricity or gas bill.

Here’s a summary of my observations after using Billy Boil to boil my sweet potato:


  • Simple to use
  • Portable
  • No need to watch the stove for the food to cook
  • Affordable ($89.95 AUD per unit)


  • Only comes in one size 3.5 litre capacity pot
  • Might be tempted to leave the food to cook longer than it should.

Discount Code giveaway

I think this product is so cool and I really want you to try it. I’ve negotiated a deal with the cool folks at and they’ve agreed to give all my subscribers $15 off for every unit of Billy Boil purchased until the 10th October.

The retail price is $89.95 a unit and with the code you can get it for $74.95. The discount will work multiple times per checkout so if you want to buy 2 units you’ll get $30 off the total order and so on.


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This offer is exclusive to my subscribers so if you’ve already subscribed to my email list, you will soon receive an email with the discount code. If you’re not on my email list and wish to take up on this great offer, simply subscribe and email me at with BillyBoil Discount Code on the subject line and I will send you the discount code.

Happy Friday!





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